How to vote for your favorite team at Helsinki Challenge Semifinal Pitch Nights

1. Join us and register for the Helsinki Challenge Semifinal Pitch Nights here or follow our live stream. You can vote for your favorite Helsinki Challenge team and pitch during the Helsinki Challenge Semifinal Pitch Nights 6.-7.6. The voting starts on Tuesday, June 6th, at 6 p.m. (UTC+03) and ends on Wednesday, June 7th, at 7.55 p.m. (UTC+03).

2. Vote by texting the number of your favorite team to number (e.g. if you want to vote for team number five, write a text message with only number 5) +358 45 7396 0300. The price of one text message is the texting cost of your cell phone plan. You can vote only once from one cell phone plan. You’ll see the teams, their numbers and the day they are pitching below. Notice that you can vote for Wednesday’s teams already on Tuesday and vice versa!

Tuesday, June 6th

1. POCKit
2. 3A Water
3. Catalyst Supreme
4. Wave Farmers
5. Metabold 
6. Pro Fibers
7. Myonit
8. Energy Village 500
9. Ioncell 
10. Heatstock

Wednesday, June 7th

11. Parental Box
12. F-Factor
13. Dlearn.Helsinki
14. Senior Cognitive Booster
15. EduRemix
16. iCombine
17. Reconfigure Mobility
18. FutuRena
19. ELMO
20. CoLearning CoPassion

3. The most voted team will proceed straight to the Helsinki Challenge finals. The most voted team will be announced at Wednesday’s Helsinki Challenge Semifinal Pitch Night.