Helsinki Challenge Global Impact Camp on 26th and 27th of September

Join the innovative two-day co-creation event with scientists! 

The Global Impact Camp in Brussels will be a two-day intensive co-creation session focusing on societal impact of research, funding and collaboration with international experts and EU decision-makers. The camp will consist of more public events such as the opening panel discussion “Grand Societal Challenges & Science Impact” and the co-creation sessions with the teams and the selected mentors. The event will bring together the Helsinki Challenge community with experts, partners, advisors and mentors in order to develop the solutions of Helsinki Challenge teams. The aim of mentoring is to find the ways for creating maximum impact with a feasible scientific solution, which responds to a well-defined problem and clearly defined challenge. This might happen through a better design of the solution, finding funding, target user definition, problem definition or new collaboration and networks.

If you are interested in attending the Global Impact Camp as a guest, contact for more information!

“Helsinki Challenge has an amazing spirit that encourages to think outside the box. During the Global Impact Camp, I expect to hear great ideas and see people who get inspired to raise the bar even higher. We need to promote research that challenges the way we think.”  – Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament


Preliminary programme:

Bibliothèque Solvay (Leopoldpark, Rue Belliard / Belliardstraat 137, Brussels)

26th of September

Creating impact with science – high-level seminar

9.00 Registration and coffee

9.30 Opening words by Thomas Wilhelmsson, Chancellor of University of Helsinki and Member of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen

9.45 Keynote speech by Barbara Pesce-Monteiro, Director of UNDP's Representation Office in Brussels, UN Secretary-General's representative to the EU TBC

10.15 Keynote speech / Commission (Horizon2020) perspective on impact TBC

10.30 Helsinki Challenge view on Impact, pitches by the finalist teams

11.00 Panel discussion on Grand Societal Challenges & Science Impact, moderated by Ambassador Jan Store

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council TBC

Markus Nordberg, Head of Resources Development of the Development and Innovation Unit at CERN

Wiljan van den Akker, Vice-rector for Research at Utrecht University

Tuuli Kaskinen, Executive Director at Demos Helsinki

12.00 Lunch & networking with the Helsinki Challenge finalist teams

13.00 – 18.00 Mentoring sessions for the Helsinki Challenge finalist teams


Helsinki Challenge Impact Evening – networking reception

18.30 Experience Helsinki Challenge in 2 minutes

18.45 New ways of impact – innovation as the only way to sustainable growth / Mark Ferguson, Director General of Science Foundation Ireland and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of Ireland

19.00 Pitches by the finalist teams

19.20 Buffet and networking


27th of September

9.00 – 12.00 Mentoring and team meetings

Outcomes of the Helsinki Challenge Global Impact Camp – lunch

12.15 Opening words

12.30 Pitches by the seven finalist teams

13.15 Prize ceremony: Impact prize award / Members of the European Parliament

13.30 Closing the Global Impact Camp