Meet our Impact Camp speakers: Dinelle Lucchesi

Helsinki Challenge is heading to the next stage. At the Helsinki Challenge Impact Camp 9th–10th April 2015, 20 amazing challenge teams be given a new question to solve: what is the actual impact we are aiming for with our solution? Who benefits from our solution and how? With whom and how can we reach our goals? Is this solution idea the right one to reach the desired impact, or do we need something completely different?

At the Impact Camp, various stakeholders and experts both from abroad and Finland will join the Helsinki Challenge teams. It's a unique chance for experts and stakeholders to participate in Helsinki Challenge, co-create with teams and be a part of the future of science. Meet one of them!

Dinelle Lucchesi: Building bridges between scientists and investors

Seems like humans can achieve anything we set our collective minds to if we spend enough time and energy on it, says Dinelle Lucchesi.

“We have cured countless infections and solved incredible scientific problems. It’s likely that in the future, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s will be diseases of the past.”

Lucchesi is an event and media producer, community organizer and the founder of BRAINS. Her current work focuses on accelerating technologies with major implications for humanity. She co-founded the Health Extension Salon and produced the first public spacehacker workshop at Silicon Valley Space Center.

BRAINS Ventures facilitates discussion and collaboration between scientists and investors to create a mission-driven funding and incubation culture in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and beyond. BRAINS hosts private dinners and salons in the Bay Area and showcases interesting minds and projects through their own programs at conferences around the world.

Dinelle Lucchesi: siltoja Suomen ja Piilaakson välille

Dinelle Lucchesi rakentaa yhteistyötä tieteilijöiden ja sijoittajien välillä San Franciscon Piilaaksossa. Lucchesi on perehtynyt pohjoismaiseen tiedekenttään ja haluaa tutustua Helsingissä erityisesti bio- ja lääketieteisiin rakentaakseen tulevaisuudessa siltoja Yhdysvaltoihin. Lucchesi on mediatuottaja, yrittäjä ja BRAINS-hankkeen perustaja. BRAINS kokoaa yhteen tutkijoita ja sijoittajia keskustelemaan ja etsimään mahdollisuuksia uusille hankkeille, joissa teknologia, robotiikka ja avaruustieteet ratkaisevat ongelmia. Lucchesi on järjestänyt tilaisuuksia muun muassa Silicon Valley Space Centerille.