Meet our Impact Camp speakers: Magnus Magnusson

Helsinki Challenge is heading to the next stage. At the Helsinki Challenge Impact Camp 9th–10th April 2015, 20 amazing challenge teams be given a new question to solve: what is the actual impact we are aiming for with our solution? Who benefits from our solution and how? With whom and how can we reach our goals? Is this solution idea the right one to reach the desired impact, or do we need something completely different?

At the Impact Camp, various stakeholders and experts both from abroad and Finland will join the Helsinki Challenge teams. It's a unique chance for experts and stakeholders to participate in Helsinki Challenge, co-create with teams and be a part of the future of science. Meet some of them!

Magnus Magnusson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Magnus Magnusson joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in January 2015 with responsibility for donor government relations with the Nordic countries. Before joining the foundation, Magnus was Chief of the UNCDF Business Development and Communications Unit. In this position, Mr. Magnusson oversaw resource mobilization, donor relations, business development and external relations.

Prior to joining UNCDF, Mr. Magnusson was a Regional Manager with the Nordic Development Fund (NDF) with responsibility for the Fund's portfolio in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana and Ethiopia. He also served as the focal point for environmental issues, and represented NDF in the International Financing Institution's Working Group on the Environment.

Magnus started his career as first secretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs with desk responsibility for the World Bank, regional development banks, IFAD and micro finance within the ministry. In this capacity, he represented Sweden during the negotiations for the establishment of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest (CGAP). Thereafter he joined the Secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers as Senior Advisor to the ministerial councils and committees of government officials within the finance, transport and environment sectors. In this capacity, he also acted as secretary to the Board of Governors for the Nordic Investment Bank and the Nordic Development Fund and representative in the Board of Directors of the Nordic Project Fund. Hereafter Mr. Magnusson joined United Nations Environment Programme/GRID Arendal as Head of the UNEP/GA Stockholm Office.

A Swedish citizen, Mr. Magnusson has an academic background in social sciences, business administration and economics and environmental studies from Uppsala University, Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Economics and University of California, Berkeley University.