Register your team!

Do not forget to REGISTER your team by October 31st, 2016. Through the team registration you will provide the preliminary information about your team and the challenge your team want to solve.

In addition to the team registration you need to SUBMIT your competition entry by November 15th, 2016. In your competition entry, you will provide more detailed information of the following topics


Shortly describe the challenge your team is about to solve. Explicate also your team’s proposed solution to the challenge, the scientific methods to be employed, and any multidisciplinary collaboration the project involves. Justify the challenge by showing why it is an important challenge for science and society, and how your team’s solution is unique and innovative one.


Shortly describe the project’s intended collaboration inside and outside the academia. Firstly, explain the working of the team and its division of responsibilities, and depict also any scientific collaboration inside your host institution as well as between your team and other higher education institutions. Secondly, describe how the project interacts with the society, and represent any actual or planned cooperation with companies, the public and the third sector, and the general public. Justify your alleged solution by showing how it would change the world. Lastly, describe the funding plan of the project, list actual and planned funding resources, and explain your plans for using the prize money.


All entries in the Helsinki Challenge competition should represent solid science. Describe your and the team’s most significant scientific achievements, and how they relate to the current Helsinki Challenge project.


Introduce your team members and identify their roles.