Meet the jury - Katri Korolainen

Katri Korolainen is Secretary General of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, who leads the service organisation of 28,000 university students and the advocacy machinery of hundreds of activists. Ms Korolainen explored new solutions to improve the metropolitan area and students' everyday life in World Design Capital year of 2012, when the Student Union carried out World Student Capital project together with the City and University of Helsinki. Ms Korolainen has participated in the popularisation of science through the planning and implementation of the popular Studia Generalia public lecture series of the University of Helsinki, among other things. She has also been involved in Peloton Innovation Camp facilitated by Demos Helsinki. Ms Korolainen also has other positions of trust in the City of Helsinki, the Greens of Finland and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church. She is a graduate of the University of Helsinki, majoring in Finnish and Nordic history.