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Helsinki Challenge Team Guide is a workbook that introduces new ways of doing science and creating impactful solutions

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The workbook shows the core of Helsinki Challenge, the science-based idea competition and accelerator is a platform for multidisciplinary collaboration: science and art, business, decision makers, the public sector and other actors of the society. The competition is an effort by the University of Helsinki and nine other Finnish universities to make the significance and effectiveness of science visible, enable new science-based research proposals and strengthen society’s dialogue.

The aim of Helsinki Challenge is to bring the most talented and bright-minded researchers together with society to solve problems. The accelerator programme offers 20 teams a unique opportunity to develop their ideas.

Helsinki Challenge Team Guide was designed to support Helsinki Challenge teams in developing their solution from its early idea stage into a feasible solution. It shows how the accelerator works and provides concrete tools to facilitate the development of solutions. The printed version acts as a workbook in which teams can sketch, draw and make plans.

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