Impact Camp info

6–7 April 2017, Långvik, Kirkkonummi

In the Helsinki Challenge Impact Camp 20 challenge teams are put through a new question to solve: what is the actual impact we are aiming for with our solution? Who benefits from our solution and how? With whom and how do we reach the impact? When can the challenge be considered solved? Is this solution idea the right one to reach the impact? Or do we need something completely different? On the Impact Camp various stakeholders and experts both from abroad and
Finland will join the Helsinki Challenge teams. By co-creating together we will understand the anatomy of impact, find the potential impact of the solutions and the roadmap to change.


Långvik Congress Wellness Centre,
Tanskarlantie 9, 02420 Kirkkonummi
Tel. + 358 9 29599301 (Reception)
Driving instructions:

When and how to arrive to Långvik

We ask teams to arrive at Långvik on Thursday and Friday latest at 8.30 AM. Thursday the breakfast will be served for all at 8.15 AM.

We have arranged a bus leaving from Rautatientori on Thursday 6th at 7.45 am and back from Långvik 18.45 & 22.30. Friday 7th 7.45 from Rautatientori and from Långvik to Rautatientori at 15.45. If you want to join the bus ride and haven’t informed us yet, use the registration update link


Thursday 6 April

7:45 Helsinki Challenge Bus leaves to Långvik
Mikonkatu, Charter bus stop in front of Casino, Rautatientori Square

8:15 Registration starts, breakfast served
Infodesk at the lobby, Scandinavian Grill

9:00 Welcome to Helsinki Challenge Impact Camp 2017

9:15 University of Helsinki encourages collaborative innovation
Kirsti Lehmusto, Director of communications and community relations, University of Helsinki

9:30 Keynote: Anatomy of Impact
Tuuli Kaskinen & Mikael Sokero, Demos Helsinki

9:50 Keynote: Making the sustainable development goals achievable - Science at its best
Per Mickwitz, Finnish Institute for the Environment, SYKE

10:10 Keynote: What is impact and how achieve it?
Paul Miller, Bethnal Green Ventures

10:30 Keynote: How to change the world?
Maria Wetterstrand

10:50 Q&A with the keynote speakers

11:35 Kick off: This is how we work at the Impact camp
Mikael Sokero & Tuuli Kaskinen

12:00 Lunch
Scandinavian Grill

13:00 Co-creation in teams supported by mentors, stakeholders, partners & tools: Our impact – what, when, how and with whom?
Map provided for specific locations

13:00 -14:00 Workshop for designated press officers
Niitty 1

15:00-16:00 Coffee and snacks

18:00 Wrapping up & last mentoring sessions

18:30 Work of the day ends
Sauna and Wellness area in free to use for hotel guests

18:30 Pre-dinner cocktail party (optional)

18:45 1st bus to Rautatientori leaves from Långvik
Main entrance

20:00 Dinner with campers and guests
Hosted by Rector Jukka Kola, University of Helsinki

22:30 Last bus to Rautatientori leaves from Långvik
Main entrance



Friday 7 April

7:45 Helsinki Challenge Bus leaves to Långvik
Mikonkatu Charter bus stop in front of Casino, Rautatientori Square

8:00 Breakfast
Scandinavian Grill

9:00 Kick off to the day 2

9:15 Keynote: Funding for innovation: strong impact from research
Teija Lahti-Nuuttila,Executive Directors, TEKES

9:45 Goals & tasks of the day

10:00 Independent work in teams supported by mentors & partners
Map provided for specific locations

12:00 Lunch
Scandinavian Grill

13:00 Coffee and snacks

13:00 Final show: Each team presents their Roadmap to Impact
Discussion & reflection
Ballroom, Tundra 2, Lehto 2

14:30 Comment keynote: What did we hear and see?
Daniel Farag, Nesta, Ferdi Van Heerden, Paul Miller, Bethnal Green Ventures

15:00 Next steps in Helsinki Challenge

15:30 Impact Camp ends!
Bus to Rautatientori
Main entrance