Become a mentor in Helsinki Challenge

The science based idea competition and accelerator, Helsinki Challenge, is all about collaboration and co-creation. We invite you to join the Helsinki Challenge community to provide your expertise, experience and ideas for the best of the world. In essence let's create the most impressing solutions together!

What does a mentor do?
Mentors are experts who are feel passionate about helping the Helsinki Challenge teams in creating solutions that will impact society. As a mentor your main goal is to support the teams or a particular team during the accelerator programme of Helsinki Challenge.

There are various possibilities to mentor teams: during the accelerator, clinics with different themes are organized, teams are taken to intensive bootcamps and of course the majority of the thinking and developing takes place between organized events. Most importantly, you as a mentor are able to choose how much time you can dedicate to the teams: it can be anything from a lunch meeting to 48 hour bootcamp working session! The single most important thing is that you are passionate about solution!

The call for applications is currently open. The jury chose 20 teams to the accelerator programme in December 2016. The accelerator program kicked off in January and in each month there are different type of co-creation sessions with different themes. More detailed program is provided for participating mentors.

As a mentor you will have an unique opportunity to be a part of projects with potentially immense impact together with top scientists in Finland. Inspiration, learning and new insights are guaranteed! For the mentors this also a good chance to find new ways to co-operate with the academia and the rest of the Helsinki Challenge community. Interested? Kindly register here

More information
Ira Leväaho, Project Manager, Helsinki Challenge, tel. +358 50 505 8152


Some of the Helsinki Challenge 2014-2015 mentors

Magnus Magnusson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Magnus Magnusson joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in January 2015 with responsibility for donor government relations with the Nordic countries. Before joining the foundation, Magnus was Chief of the UNCDF Business Development and Communications Unit. In this position, Mr. Magnusson oversaw resource mobilization, donor relations, business development and external relations. Read more on Magnus Magnusson.

Celia Hannon, Nesta Centre for Challenge Prizes

Celia Hannon is the Programme Manager at the Nesta Centre for Challenge Prizes which is an innovation charity helping people and organizations bring good ideas to life. She has previously worked as a researcher for Britain’s Demos think tank as well as The Governance Lab. Hannon specializes in socio-political questions and has studied young people and families, media, and civic engagement. Specific research topics include the effects of austerity policies on British families, young people’s vlogging and Britain’s child care system. Read more on Celia Hannon.

Ulrich Weinberg, Hasso Plattner Institute

Ulrich Weinberg is the Director of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. He has over 25 years of experience from the film industry, 3D modeling and animation. He has previously worked for BMW, Siemens and Daimler-Benz. Now Weinberg directs the Hasso-Platner Institute School of Design Thinking, which encourages companies to invest in cooperation and WeQ-thinking. Read more on Ulrich Weinberg.

Ian Scott, UCL Grand Challenges programme

Ian Scott is the Principal Facilitator for the UCL Grand Challenges programme. Scott’s own background is in biomedicine: he defended his doctoral dissertation on Skeletal muscle mitochondrial metabolism at the University of Bristol, and has studied the effect of calcium in neuronal and lymphocyte cell activation. He has also done post-doc research in Helsinki. Read more on Ian Scott.

Vicky-Marie Gibbons, Bethnal Green Ventures

Vicky-Marie Gibbons, a Partner at Bethnal Green Ventures which is an accelerator programme for people who want to change the world using technology. The accelerator program helps find and create technology-based solutions for grand health and environmental issues. Read more Vicky-Marie Gibbons

Dinelle Lucchesi, BRAINS

Dinelle Lucchesi, the founder of BRAINS. Her current work focuses on accelerating technologies with major implications for humanity. BRAINS Ventures facilitates discussion and collaboration between scientists and investors to create a mission-driven funding and incubation culture in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and beyond.Read more on Dinelle Lucchesi.

Ferdi Van Heerden, Changing the world

Ferdi Van Heerden, the Change agent at Changing the world. Van Heerden has over 20 years of experience in international marketing and design. He has worked for the likes of legendary design company IDEO, Speedo, and the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency. Today, he’s a consultant for actors in various different fields on managing, strategy and design. Read more on Ferdi Van Heerden.

Alex Pesch, Synthego

Stanford alumnus Alex Pesch is a founder at biotech startup Synthego, and has a background in engineering, mechanical design and product design. Synthego is changing the future of biotech by integrating science, engineering and software, with experience in areas such as robotics and space technology, as well as technologies for DNA sequencing and life extension. Read more on Alex Pesch.

Kalle Nieminen, Sitra

Expert in building prototypes for new services and developing new social ventures. In his work in Sitra, Kalle has been involved in organising and developing Sitra’s educational programs and has worked with Finnish change agents. Kalle is proficient in finding new partnerships for impact and convincing them to making rapid real-life experiments with you.

Jukka Helin, Helen

Jukka is the marketing group manager of Helen (former Helsingin Energia). A Helsinki University alumni (Finnish language), Helin is specialized in digital services and marketing. He is an experienced mentor and is really good at helping defining value for users and partners, especially businessess. In addition, he is working on Little Brother, an app that protects photos taken by democracy activists and journalists. He is also really good at pitching!

Anne Badan, Aalto Global Impact

Anne Badan is an expert in building impact-driven projects with public and private institutions. She is an expert in building philantrophic projects for private actors with a focus on value. In addition, she is active in Aalto Global Impact, a Finnish network for impact ventures.

Maarit Haataja, University of Helsinki, Capacity building in research funding and impact

Maarit Haataja is a former researcher who currently leads a small team within the University of Helsinki, which provides researchers and other members of the University community with the skills and knowledge needed to gather external research funding. Maarit can help you in finding the value of your project from stakeholders’ and users’ point of view. Particularly Haataja is interested in assessing the impact of the research results in building funding channels for research.

Jussi Alho, University of Helsinki, Capacity building in research funding and impact

Jussi Alho works at the University of Helsinki and helps researchers in finding funding for their research projects. Jussi can help you in finding the value of your project from stakeholders’ and users’ point of view. As a bioscientist, Jussi is particularly familiar with natural sciences and ecological issues.

Jouni Lounasmaa, Stompwell, Kaute foundation

Founder of three start-up companies where he worked as CEO, COO and product owner. At Technopolis Ventures and Spinno business incubators he has worked as a business advisor with over 50 software, web 2.0 and high tech start-ups. Jouni is also advocate of Kaute foundation, the Finnish Science Foundation for Economics and Technology.

Sirpa Pietikäinen, European Parliament

Sirpa Pietikäinen is a politician and a Member of the European Parliament since 2008. She is also a former Member of Finnish Parliament and former Minister for the Environment. Pietikäinen was elected as a Member of Finnish Parliament at the age of 24, and is extremely well equipped in developing policy on the national and European Union level.

Kalle Korhonen, Kone Foundation

Kalle Korhonen is an expert in popularisation of science from Koneen säätiö. He has a profound understanding of scientific writing and spreading research results to the broader public.

Oras Tynkkynen, Finnish Parliament

Oras Tynkkynen has been a Member of the Finnish Parliament for the past ten years, and is a prominent member of the Green Party. Lately he has co-chaired the parliament’s Committee for the Future, and has been nominated as a senior advisor for The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra on resource-wise and carbon neutral society. Tynkkynen has worked in various senior roles as a climate change advocate and expert, and is well-versed in environmental policy and the political process.

Heidi Humala, Sitra

Heidi Humala is currently at Sitra’s Impact Investing team. She has a crucial role in building an impact investing ecosystem in Finland, and developing different ways of funding impact-driven activities. Prior to her role in Sitra, Heidi has worked for the World Bank and has founded her own start-up for easier car travelling for children (and their parents).

Timo Nurmi, Freud

Timo Nurmi is the co-founder and strategy director of Freud, an influence and communications agency. He has worked with communications and digital opportunities for over a decade, and is well-versed in storytelling and building understandable and active narratives for various ventures.

Tomi Pruuki, Suomen Mielenterveysliitto

Working with enhancing the mental health of young people, and encountering young people in various ways. Tomi works at the Finnish Mental Health Society (Suomen Mielenterveysliitto), and is an expert in building impact networks around mental health.

Anna Talasniemi, Kone Foundation

Anna Talasniemi is the executive director of Koneen säätiö, a Finnish foundation that funds research in arts and humanities. Anna is a Helsinki University alumni in comparative religion, and is proficient in assessing research-projects and making the impact of research visible.

Moaffak Ahmed

Moaffak Ahmed is a serial entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of marketing and business development experience in Europe, North America and Asia. He has successfully accelerated start ups and provided funding for early stage start ups through Veturi Venture Accelerator Program.